Welcome at DKP

Welcome at DKP

DKP is an accessible and hospitable collective of very experienced professionals in the fields of vitality and health, and career planning

Our specialty is psychological health care, both the so-called ‘first-line’ as ‘second-line’, focussing on reducing complaints, returning to work and reintegration.

DKP uses innovative treatment methods. Programs can be offered on-line or integrated in a mixed treatment, combining face-to-face sessions with online contact.

These integral programs, including physical exercise, constitute a unique treatment method, geared towards the sustainable employability of employees.

In order to fulfil our mission of (re-) enforcing people in their personal and professional lives, we provide an effective cooperation with, UWV doctors, physiotherapists and movement specialists.

Together, we all aim for high quality, professional and customized work.


W.G. Plein 125 1054 CZ Amsterdam
phone +31 20 – 671 15 58